Fullerton Union High School (FUHS) photos.

Richard M. Nixon

Richard M. Nixon 1928

Nixon lived at 323 Jacaranda Place while attending Fullerton Union High School for a couple of years.

In his memoirs, Nixon wrote about staying there with his brother, Don, because their terminally ill brother, Arthur, “needed constant care and attention” at the family home.

Nixon stayed with Carrie Wildermuth, his aunt in 1927-28, according to the book, “Richard Milhous Nixon: The Rise of an American Politician,” by Roger Morris.

If you can find the Fullerton Union High School yearbooks from 1927 and 1928, you'll see photos of Nixon in the band and on the football team.

Keith Van Horne - NFL


Keith played JV football for fuhs 1973. In 1974 Keith and Hoby Brenner, who also headed to the NFL led the Tribe to the Freeway League high school Championship. The team was coached by Gil Tucker who retired in 1977. The record this year was 7-2-1.

The Chicago Bears selected Van Horne in the first round (11th pick overall) of the 1981 NFL Draft, he was immediately put into action as a rookie because of tam injuries. Keith held down the starting right tackle for 13 years with the Bears. He for the Bears from 1981 though 1993, starting 169 games for Chicago He was a member of the 1985 Chicago Bears team, winners of Super Bowl XX. In his 13 NFL seasons, he played in 186 games for the Bears in total. (See photos)

Fernando Rojas


Fernando Rojas a Fullerton Union High School senior in 2015 was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools.

Along with the Ivy League schools, Fernando Rojas also got into Stanford, UC Irvine and Cal State Fullerton.

"I'm just trying to let it all soak in, trying to experience it all, just one day at a time," Rojas said.

The principal of Fullerton Union High School was quoted as saying,  "It couldn't have happened to a nicer person and a harder working student. I am so proud of him, because he's an inspiration to other students," said Sal Tinajero, Rojas' speech and debate coach.

The graduating senior and co-valedictorian is the son of immigrants from Mexico. He's also a national champion in speech and debate.

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History Page Images from the FUHS 1934 Pleiades

FUHS History from 1893-1934 from the 1934 Pleiades Yearbook.

Yearbooks are a fantastic source of information. We all like to see the photos, the odd clothing choices, or the quaint references to events. We must remember our past was there present.

Humans have always valued our history, were we came from, who the people were, events or places we remember. Early on, before we wrote down our history, we painted it on cave walls, or told and retold stories. Eventually, the stories changed, some became myths or legend. 

Even when we started to write down our thoughts, we rarely wrote down everything, the minor details became lost or were altered when our ancient languages were translated. 

Take the Biblical stories for instance. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the authors of the "Gospels," were not contemporaries of Jesus. They lived 70 or so years after Jesus had died. We have no scroll on papyrus written by these guys either. Nothing concrete in written form before the discovery of the bits and pieces from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Those were written a couple hundreds of years after St. Luke or John had died.

I said all this to point out how interesting the images from this yearbook are. It gives a great history of FUHS, along with some of their present thought on what they were doing and how they thought about FUHS in 1934.

FUHS Pleiades pg. 19 (jpg)


FUHS Pleiades pg. 20 (jpg)


FUHS Pleiades pg. 31 (jpg)


FUHS Pleiades pg. 32 (jpg)


FUHS Pleiades pg. 51 (jpg)


FUHS Pleiades pg. 52 (jpg)


FUHS Pleiades pg. 67 (jpg)


FUHS Pleiades pg. 68 (jpg)


FUHS Pleiades pg. 93 (jpg)


FUHS Pleiades pg. 94 (jpg)


FUHS Pleiades pg. 117 (jpg)


FUHS Pleiades pg. 118 (jpg)


Fullerton Union High School Plummer Auditorium

Plummer Auditorium - 1930


Plummer Auditorium is the jewel of the FUHS campus.  Built in 1930 for a cost of just $295,500 it is amazing inside and out.

The auditorium seats over 1300, has great craftsmanship with elaborate features.  The building was fully rehabilitated in 1995 and improved to meet seismic safety requirements.  Additionally the grand Wurlitzer Organ, original to the building, was restored and is in use today.

Plummer Auditorium Stage

Fullerton Union High School Plummer Auditorium Stage

Plummer Auditorium Balcony