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Fullerton Union High School Homepage

Fullerton Union High School Homepage

Make sure you visit our Alma mater's homepage. Check out what student life is like now and get to know future Alumni.  

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Make sure you check out our Ebay Fundraiser!

This is our official Facebook Page. Unlike a Facebook Group, a "Page" is more about our history.

Time to time we have items you can bid on or purchase to help support the ongoing efforts on this webpage. Please check out our current fundraiser on Ebay

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Pleiades Tribe Tribune Newspaper ~ Current

Tribe Tribune FUHS School Newspaper. Pleiades.

Welcome to the future of journalism.  These young FUHS high school students don't miss a beat, they just have a larger audience in 2018. Check the out as current resources.

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Fullerton Union High School All Alumni Website

FUHS Connections Website

This is the FREE website I also use to connect with Alumni. 

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Class of '77 40th Reunion amazing Images.

Class of 1977 40th Reunion Images ~ July 21st 2018

 Jose Hernandez LLerandi, our 1977 Senior Class President hosted. 

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The Daily Bosco Blog edited by Allen Bacon class of '77

The Daily Bosco Blog

Writers: Allen Bacon, Rick Miranda, Doug Vehle, and special guests.  

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Happy Birthday Mrs. Pickering

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